Saturday, December 5, 2009

Upcyle Christmas Wreath

My apartment is one of the few in my building that faces an open courtyard. People stand across from my apartment, waiting for the elevator and facing my front door. As a result I like to decorate my door. In past years I've gone to Christmas tree lots and asked if I could have some of the branches they cut off people's trees. I was frequently told I could take what I wanted at no cost as the employees appreciated the fact that they didn't have to clean them up. I then tied them together and made a wreath for my door and decorated some of my doorways. It brought the smell of a tree in my apartment without buying a tree. This year I decided I didn't want to do that though, so I instead used things I already had around the apartment. I gathered a dry cleaner hanger, a bunch of random plastic bags in various shades of green and blue, a twist tie (from a bulk bin purchase) and a mesh bag from oranges and pulled together a wreath!

I used pliers and wire cutters to resize the hanger and make a smooth-ish circle. I cut the plastic bags into similarly sized strips and then alternated colors in a semi-regular pattern. I used probably about 7 bags, but most were much larger/thicker than a normal grocery store bag. You could easily do something more striped or a single color. When it looked full enough to me, I tied a bow with the mesh orange bag and attached it to the wreath with the twist tie!

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